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ASME B16.48 A182 Alloy Steel 20MnMo Ring Type Joint Flange

RTJ Flange--Ring Type Joint Flange
  • LJ

Ring Type Joint Flange

The RTJ flange has a circular groove on its face with a metal ring gasket that fits into the groove. When the flange is bolted, the metal ring gasket is compressed between two flanges, creating a tight and leak-proof seal. This design allows the RTJ flange to withstand extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

RTJ flanges are commonly used in applications where a reliable and secure sealing connection is required. They are designed to handle heavy loads and provide superior resistance to leakage and vibrations.

20MnMo for forging steel parts are used to manufacture pressure vessel components, important forgings, etc. of -40 ° C ~ 470 ° C. The carbon content is 0.2%, and the content of MN and MO is less than 1.5%. The chemical composition of this forging parts mainly include C, Si, MO, MO, CR, Ni and other alloy elements. The chemical composition of the nuclear pressure vessel with SA508-3CL.2 steel is very similar to it.

Chemical Composition Table

Material 20MnMo
      Si      Mn      Mo      Ni      Cr       P       S      Cu
≤0.025 ≤0.015 ≤0.25

Mechanical Property Table

     Yield Strength


    Tensile Strength






300℃Yield Strength


            370           530-700              18
              34              285


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