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Highest Temperature Resistance Of Inconel 718 Material

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Highest Temperature Resistance Of Inconel 718 Material

Highest temperature resistance of Inconel 718 material

The material of Inconel 718 is a nickel-based alloy containing elements such as aluminum, titanium, and tungsten. The specific grade corresponding to Inconel 718 in China is GH4169.

Inconel 718 is an exceptional asset in applications where conditions are harsh and safety is critical, such as the chemical processing and petrochemical industries. The specific chemical composition of Inconel 718 is nickel 50-55%, chromium 17-21%, cobalt not less than 1%, iron not less than 18.5%, niobium not less than 4.75%, titanium not less than 0.65%, aluminum not Less than 0.2%. Due to Inconel 718's high tensile strength-to-density ratio, high corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand moderately high temperatures without crawling, Inconel 718 is used in aircraft, armor plating, naval vessels, spacecraft, and missiles.

Inconel 718 is commonly used in the maritime and aerospace industries for its strength and durability, especially in engine rotating parts such as disks, fan blades, and high-pressure compressors, and it is also widely used in key components in the aerospace industry, such as Turbine discs, chambers, and fasteners. Inconel 718 has high-temperature resistance up to 982°C, excellent oxidation resistance, and high strength and toughness. The age hardening process is key as this imparts a strength that enables Inconel 718 to be used in high-pressure situations, such as in deep offshore well reserves, downhole and many parts of wellhead equipment.

Inconel 718 is composed of about 60% nickel, 18% chromium, 16% molybdenum, 3% iron, and 2% cobalt, and the balance includes silicon, sulfur, carbon, titanium, and other elements. Inconel 718 has a thermal expansion coefficient of 13.2 μm/m K and a hardness of HB 331-388; Inconel 718 still plays a role in today's more technical and high-performance superalloys, and it has desirable properties that make it popular.

In short, Inconel 718 is used to make advanced aero-engine combustor components and other hot-end components, and its mass production and use are in good condition. Similar brands have been widely used in foreign aero-engines. Inconel 718 This nickel-chromium alloy is very resistant to a wide range of corrosive elements and it will not succumb to general oxidation or stress corrosion cracking caused by chloride ions even under extreme temperature conditions.

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