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TA7 Titanium Alloy Forged Sleeves Forged Steel Pipe

Processing object:Metal
Forging forming method:Forging
Molding process:Pressure Casting
Apply:Machinery Parts
Heat treatment:Quenching
Surface treatment:Passivation
Forging tolerances:+/-0.5mm
Transport Packaging:Standard Export Packing
Specification:ID300mm ~ ID 6000mm
Manufacture:According to Drawings
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Product Description:

We can produce Steel sleeve for winding non-ferrous sheet and strip of various materials
and models according to customer needs.

Max length3000mm
Max weight15000kg
ApplicationIndustrial Equipment and Mechinique Equipment
ProcessingForging+machining+heating Treatment
Design SupportPro-E, UG,SolidWorks,AutoCad, PDF
Heat treatmentN,N+T,Q+T or as customer's requirement

Material:   TA7

Chemical Composition (%)

99.5% of industrial pure titanium performance is: density ρ = 4.5g/cm3, melting point is172 silicon titanium alloy wear-resistant floor 5 ℃, thermal conductivity λ=15.24W/(m.k), tensile strength σb=539MPa, elongated extension Rate δ=25%, section contraction rate ψ=25%, elastic modulus E=1.078 × 105MPa, hardness HB=195. The density of high-titanium alloys is generally about 4.5g/cm3, and only 60% of the steel is the strength of pure titanium close to the strength of ordinary steel. Some high-strength titanium alloy exceeds the strength of many alloy structure steel. Therefore, the intensity (strength/density) of the titanium alloy is much larger than that of other metal structure materials. It can produce high, rigidity, and light-quality components with high strength, rigidity, and light quality. The aircraft's engine parts, skeletons, skin, fasteners, and landing gear use titanium alloys. High heat intensity is hundreds of hundreds of percent temperature higher than aluminum alloy, and the required strength can still be maintained at medium temperature. The two types of titanium alloys can be worked for a long time at 450 ~ 500 ° C. A high ratio of strength, while the intensity of aluminum alloy decreases significantly at 150 ° C. The operating temperature of titanium alloys can reach 500 ° C, and aluminum alloy is below 200 ° C. Good titanium alloy works in humid atmosphere and seawater medium, and its corrosion resistance is far better than stainless steel; the resistance of point erosion, acid erosion, and stress corrosion is particularly strong; Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. have excellent corrosion resistance. However, titanium has poor corrosion resistance to restore oxygen and chromium salt medium. Low temperature can still maintain their mechanical performance under low temperature and ultra-low temperature. Titanium alloy with good low temperature performance and extremely low gap elements, such as TA7, can also maintain a certain plasticity at-253 ° C. Therefore, titanium alloy is also an important low-temperature structural material. Titanium alloy has high strength and small density, good mechanical properties, and good toughness and corrosion resistance. In addition, titanium alloy has poor process performance, difficulty in cutting processing, and is very easy to absorb impurities such as hydroxide and nitrogen carbon in heat processing. There are also poor abrasion resistance and complicated production technology.


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