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Heat Resistant Steel 10Cr11Co3W3NiMoVNbNB Blind Flang

a blind flange is a solid plate-like flange used to seal the end of a pipe or vessel. It provides a secure closure and prevents fluid or gas from flowing through the system.

blind flangesA blind flange is a type of flange used to seal the end of a pipe or vessel without an opening for fluid flow. It is essentially a solid plate with holes for bolts that allow it to be bolted to another flange or piece of equipment.

10Cr11Co3W3NiMoVNbNB has high corrosion resistance and high creep endurance characteristics. The steel has high technical standard requirements, narrow composition interval, strict chemical composition and more element composition

Chemical Composition(%)

Si Mn P S
Ni Cr Mo Co W
0.08-0.13 ≦ 0.12 0.35-0.65
≦ 0.015 ≦ 0.010 0.30-0.70
2.50-3.50 2.40-3.00
V Nb N Al B

0.15-0.25 0.05-0.12 0.01-0.05
≦ 0.015 0.01-0.04


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